Houston Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy

Houston Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy

Upcoming EFT Events & Trainings

Monthly Board Meeting

1st Monday of the Month
10 – 11 am

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Monthly Peer Consultation*

First Fridays
9 -10 am
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Connect & learn with our monthly Video Club Series

2025 HCEFT Training Series

Save the Dates!


EFT Externship

Feburary 12th -15th 


Core Skills 1 & 2

June 12th - 14th  


Core Skills 3 & 4

September 18th - 20th 

About Our Trainer:  Dr. James Hawkins

Dr. James Hawkins, ‘Doc Hawk,’ is a Licensed Counsellor, and an ICEEFT-certified trainer, supervisor, and therapist. He obtained a Master’s in Marriage and Family Counselling and a Ph.D. in Psychology and Counseling. He currently serves as a Clinical Coordinator at a non-profit counselling practice in Northwest Arkansas.

James is also the founder of Healing Conversations, a training program developed to equip organizations and communities to have productive conversations about race. He is the co-host of two podcasts, The Leading Edge in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and The Leading Edge: Transforming Leadership Through Attachment Science.

James is a part of the online training program, successinvulnerability.com, developed to help EFT therapists and supervisors gain more focus in their clinical work. Doc Hawk brings a passion for helping individuals, couples, families, and communities in relational distress.

Your 2024 HCEFT Board


Irena Milentijevic


Roma Williams
Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair

Advisory Board

Michelle Puster, M.Ed LPC
Past President

Laura Spiller, Ph.D
Past President


Charisse Ferrer

Houston Community Founder


Liliane Nahas, M.Ed., LPC-S, LMFT-S
Founder & Past President


We are a group of mental health professionals who practice and study Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and families. We strive to build healthy relationships through ongoing education and mutual support. Our community values ongoing continuing learning and supporting each other in our growth.

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Support practitioners of EFT and to continue to help them refine skills through training and peer support.

Reach out to the larger community of therapists to introduce them to EFT, its benefits, and provide training opportunities.

Communicate with couples and families in crisis and let them know that EFT can help them move away from distress toward secure, resilient relationships.


HCEFT shares ideas about EFT, current events and the latest research in our field on our blog. We will hear from active HCEFT members, supervisors and trainers from EFT communities around the world. Click here to see our recent posts.

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