Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship Stories: Dr. Barbara Buchanan

For the next six months, we’ll be featuring stories and testimonials from attendees from the 2016 EFT Externship in Houston.

Dr. Barbara Buchanan is our first featured attendee and in this video she talks about why she attended the Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship.

For information about the next Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship in Houston in February 2018, please go here.


Video transcription:

“Hi, I am Dr. Barbara Buchanan, I am from the Dallas Forth Worth area and I am a newly licensed clinician.”

“My purpose of coming to this particular Externship, is that I practice Solution Focused Therapy consistently, but I didn’t feel, as if I was tapping in very well with the clients.”

“Particularly, I began to recognize, utilizing SFT, is because I had difficulty with my own personal emotions. So, coming to this particular Externship, has allowed me, to be able to see the importance of allowing the client to tap into their emotional needs and be able to express that full essence of freedom within the relationship.”

“I am very excited about this because, the clients I am working with now, a particular couple that I am stuck with they continually go off the grid, so to speak, and talk about their family members, their pet and its difficult for them to discuss emotions. I am excited to get back to DFW area and work with this particular clients, because there is a lot of hurt in their past, maybe they will tap into, that will allow them to grow relationally, not only for themselves, but also other relationships they are involved with.”

“So, I would just like to tell Dr. Sue Johnson: Thank you so much, for coming to the Houston area and allowing us the opportunity to be able to use this method and use this methodology that is concrete and has proven to be effective to be taken to our clients and see success in their lives. Thank you!”

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