HCEFT commits to being a community where therapists can learn how to be anti-racist in our work and personal lives. As our nation and communities struggle to acknowledge that white supremacy and white privilege culture has silenced voices and taken lives, we must also examine how we silence, exclude, and marginalize. Our goal is to create a welcoming community that upholds core values of equity, justice and healthy relationships that allow for true connection, risk, and vulnerability.  We are committing to listen to the anxiety, pain, and anger of our colleagues and clients and to educate ourselves to become actively anti-racist.


The events leading to the Black Lives Matter movement provides an invitation for us to stand together as human beings and acknowledge racism in our society and within ourselves. Living in a culture of systemic racism, we all have received racist messages. These racist messages inform our decisions, feelings, and thoughts towards people whether we are aware of it or not. In acknowledging that racism exists, we also stand together instead of allowing black, indigenous, and people of color to have to stand and face racism alone.

HCEFT is accepting the invitation to acknowledge and say out loud racism exists in our society today.  We are noticing within ourselves the biased thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and feelings that we carry within us. We notice what happens inside when we sit with someone who looks or thinks differently than us. We notice what thoughts and feelings come up. Instead of pushing them away or attempting to ignore their existence, we are open and curious about what our inner world tells us about those who are different from us. We can begin to ask more questions about where those thoughts or ideas originated. In untangling our own inner biases we can begin to talk more openly and honestly about racism in our community.

Equity & Inclusion Committee

Roma Williams MA, LMFT
Equity and Inclusion Sub Committee Chair

David Reynolds LMSW, MPA

Program Administrator at Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Equity and Inclusion Board Member

Laura Spiller Ph.D

Certified EFT Supervisor
Former HCEFT Board President
Heights Couples Therapy

Resources to learn, spread the word of change, and continue the discussion:

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