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EFT Externship

The EFT Externship was held in Houston November 2 through 5, 2016. Over 100 participants from different parts of the continent were in attendance. We had the privilege of hosting Sue Johnson and Leanne Campbell who facilitated and guided the event. The event also provided a unique opportunity in the region to discuss, practice and deepen knowledge of EFT principles. A dynamic team of 15 EFT facilitators from around Texas supported the event during role-plays and exercises.

From the minute, Sue Johnson took stage to electrifying applause and cheers, there was never a lull. The feedback from the event has been extremely positive and heartening. This was the first major event organized by Houston Community for EFT (HCEFT) and its success has given Houston community a major boost. Beyond the event, therapists shared experiences and tales from their practices and lives.

Externship 2017
Externship Participants with the trainers

EFT in Houston

EFT has been gaining popularity in the Greater Houston area and the Externship provided an opportunity for all of us to connect, learn and get inspired. Dr.Sue Johnson’s powerful words did leave a lasting impact. Listening to her talk and draw upon her experiences and research with adult attachments was heartening. The two live sessions conducted by Sue and Leanne have been eye-openers to EFT practitioners and rookies alike.

Thanks to the efforts of many, EFT is here to stay in Houston.

What’s Next for HCEFT

HCEFT might be a yearling but we are already a 400+ community of therapists and students who are motivated to learn EFT and support each other. We are ready to spread our wings and discover more.

HCEFT endeavors to understand the needs of ETF therapists in our community and offers support and guidance. We provide resources for therapists learning EFT and encourage involvement with ICEEFT. We also guide and support therapists obtaining an EFT Certification.

During our quarterly gathering, therapists interested in EFT listen to experts or watch videos of live sessions. In addition, we network, share concerns and practice interventions. We also host webinars and discuss pertinent issues. In 2016, we had Sue Johnson, Alison Lee and Jeff Hickey join us via Skype and share their experiences.

2017 is shaping to be an exciting year. HCEFT has been planning many local events. Core Skills Training, Advanced EFT training and workshops for certified therapists, peer support groups and more.

We will also start providing CEUs at our community meeting and training sessions. HCEFT is now an approved CEU provider for Texas LPC, LMFT, LCSW and Psychologists.

We had a successful 2017 Core Skills Training, Session 1 & 2 earlier this month and have finalized our Externship dates. Our next Externship in Houston will be held February 7-10, 2018. More news to follow!

Core Skills 2017
Core Skills 2017 Participants with Dr.Leanne Campbell and HCEFT Working Group members

HCEFT is also looking forward to welcoming more Certified EFT Therapists to our group in the coming months.

I would like to thank the HCEFT Working Group Members who have worked with me to develop and grow our HCEFT community. We are looking forward to strengthening our community. Our vision is to support and facilitate ongoing learning.

Whether you are already an EFT therapist or just interested in learning more, visit us at lilianenahas.com and join our mailing list. We would love to have you as a part of our growing community.

A heartfelt thank you to Sue Johnson and the entire ICEEFT board, without your support we couldn’t have been thriving.

Liliane Nahas

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