Nahas, Liliane



Nahas, Liliane


Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor

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4306 Yoakum., Suite 310

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Houston, Texas, 77006

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As a certified EFT therapist and supervisor as well as certified Gottman method Couple’s therapist with a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, and a Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and licensed professional counselor, I am well-equipped to help people change the negative patterns they’ve fallen into and guide them towards a positive secure relationship.

For more than 30 years, Liliane Nahas has been helping clients understand themselves and their relationships. From a young age, she developed an interest in psychology, which evolved into a passion for helping couples stop hurting each other and rekindle the magic. She believes that what brings people closer is caring about each other’s hurts, past and present.

Her practice in Houston is devoted to couples, individuals, and also to other therapists for EFT supervision. She consults with therapists, both in person or distance via a phone or meeting rooms. She also provides regular introductory workshops/ training sessions in EFT for therapists and assists at EFT trainings for therapists.

Liliane’s goal is to work on couple’s/ individuals living a happier, better life. Through her blogs, she tries to explain EFT and psychology in layman’s language. Liliane is fluent in English, French, and Arabic, and conducts therapy in any of these languages.

I am offering Couples, Individual, and Professional Consultation sessions both, in-person and via Zoom HIPPA compliant video conferencing.


Are you tired of having the same fight over and over? Are you finding yourself clamming up rather than reaching towards your partner? Do you find yourself turning more easily to others, rather than your partner? If yes, then let’s address this together. I can help you turn your negative pattern to a positive one. I can help you connect in a more open and authentic way with your partner and yourself.

I am offering Couple’s, Individual and Professional consultation sessions both, in-person and via Zoom HIPPA compliant video conferencing.

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