Angela Romeo, PsyD



Angela Romeo, PsyD


Externship in EFT

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3303 Louisiana St., Suite 200

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Houston, TX 77006

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(713) 954-8209


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I am Texas Licensed Psychologist centrally located on the edge of Midtown and Montrose. I offer convenient night and weekend appointment options for individual and couples therapy. With an overall relational approach to therapy, I tailor treatment and intervention to the individual client(s) using cognitive behavioral, existential, and multiculturally-informed therapies.

Emotionally focused therapy is the foundation of my approach to couples work. Love and attachment are central to our being human yet sometimes we get in our own way in love and intimate relationships. The work of couples therapy is to dis-engage from faulty patterns and reconnect with your partner. In rediscovering one another, you can heal past hurts together and through that process feel more deeply connected and able to face future challenges.


Couples often come to therapy feeling stuck in patterns they know aren’t working, but are uncertain of how to change. My work is to create a safe space and guidance to help you experience a new understanding of yourselves and one another so you can untangle and step out of those old patterns, forgive and heal past hurts, and create a dance of connectedness you can continue outside the therapy office.

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