HCEFT Membership

HCEFT values ongoing learning and supporting each other in our growth. Purchase a one year membership to be listed on the HCEFT therapist directory.


Benefits of Membership

Community Support

Form new relationships with other therapists in the EFT community to help you grow, implement and hone your EFT techniques.

More Online Visibility

Give couples who need your help a new way to find out about you, your private practice and your EFT training by being listed in our therapist directory.

Future Events & Training

Stay up to date on the latest events, webinars and trainings, plus find and connect with EFT supervisors and trainers.

Case Consultation

Receiving a consultation is an excellent way to grow as a therapist. Members can take advantage of this once a month, giving way to meaningful discussion, rather than just advice.

Group Email Access

Members have the opportunity to access resources, peer-to-peer questions, and discussions.

Email List Service

Working together to build, educate, and provide resources. 

Additional Marketing Options

For an additional price, members can get an additional list service options combined with social media promotions.

Plus $50*

Added to 1-time promotional email and have 2 social media posts produced and published on HCEFT’s social media channels. 

Plus $100*

Added to a 1-time promotion, NOT shared, and have 4 social media posts produced and scheduled on HCEFT social media platforms.

*Add an additional $25 for the rights to use and post the social media graphics and captions on the platforms you use.

Introducing Gaggle

We want to be better connected to you, HCEFT Community Members


What is it, and why do I need it?

  • Gaggle is our new online forum where you can post
    questions and ideas or start a topic about Emotionally
    Focused Therapy or anything therapy-related. That
    way, our community members can respond to you as
    quickly as we can!
  • Need a referral? Post it!
  • Need clients? Post it!
  • Question about the next training? Post it!
  • Looking to rent an office space? Post it!

Once you've signed up with your email address,
you're ready to send messages to HCEFT
members with whatever you may need help with

How do I sign up?

  • Simple, click this link to join:

Join HCEFT Gaggle

Upcoming EFT Events & Trainings

HCEFT Membership Options

Student Membership

$25 per Year
  • Open to CURRENT students in Master's and PhD programs
  • Free community meetings
  • Student discount for training events
  • Support the EFT mission and receive notification of EFT trainings, events and conferences

Professional Membership

$75 per Year
  • Open to anyone who has undertaken an approved EFT Externship and is an active member of ICEEFT.
  • Listing in the HCEFT Therapist Directory
  • Email List Service
  • One time profession feature/promotion on HCEFT social media
  • Free monthly case consultation
  • No charge for community meetings
  • Discounts on other selected events
  • Support the EFT mission and receive notification of EFT trainings, events and conferences
  • Group email access for resources, peer to peer questions, and discussion.

Affiliate Membership

$40 per Year
  • Open to all mental health professionals
  • Also open to professionals in related fields such as psychiatry, law, mediation, financial planning, etc. that support our mission of healthy relationships
  • Free community meetings
  • Support the EFT mission and receive notification of EFT trainings, events and conferences

Membership is available at various levels depending on your affiliation to EFT. The membership dues help maintain the cost of our website and helps to create public awareness.
In addition, your membership fee helps pay maintenance and promotion costs for HCEFT.

ICEEFT Membership: Please note, full memberships are only granted to current ICEEFT members.
Please visit iceeft.com to join, if you haven't already.

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